Common Lemon Law Vehicle Problems

We are often asked what vehicle problems qualify under California’s Lemon Law. There are a host of problems too numerous to detail, but they normally show up a symptoms affecting one or more systems, such as the brake system, engine operations, transmission system, suspension system, steering system, coolant system, electrical system, mechanical doors and latches. If these have been the subject of repeated repairs contact us.


Engine Stalling

Engine Not Starting

Engine Overheating

Hard Starting Engine

Rough Running Engine

Lack of Power

Engine Misfires

Transmission Slipping

Transmission Jerking

Transmission Hesitation

Hard Shifting From Transmission

“Surging” of Engine

Car “Pulling” To One Side

Engine Vibrations

Brake Vibrations

Steering Vibrations

Blown Fuses

Black Smoke from Exhaust

Turbo-charger Malfunctions

Check Engine Light Coming on

Air Bag Light Coming on

ABS Light Coming on

Other Warning Lights Coming on

Defective Brakes

Premature Brake Wear

Abnormal Brake Noises

Defects in the Suspension

Oil Leaks

Fuel Leaks

Transmission Fluid Leaks

Coolent Leaks

Power Steering Leaks

Electrical Malfunctions

Engine Running Hot

Malfunctioning Headlights or Tail-lights

Malfunctioning Turning Signals or Brake Lights

Defective Air Bags

Premature Tire Wear

Uneven Tire Wear

Flickering Dash Lights

Malfunctioning Air Conditioning

Malfunctioning Windows, Doors, Etc.

Abnormal Noises

If your vehicle is covered by a written warranty and you have had a repeated problem with one, or more, of the symptoms listed above (or other problems or symptoms) we’d like to hear from you. Please contact us for a free evaluation.

(Please note: This is not exhaustive. You could have problems that qualify your vehicle as a “lemon” which do not appear here. So, please call us with any problems.)